Flying a small airplane around the world is definitely not for the faint-hearted or something to be taken lightly. Perhaps because of this many ‘Round the World’ flyers sponsor a central theme or goal, such as raising funds for a charity, creating awareness of a worthy cause or setting a new record.

Traditions are important and in recognition of such traditions the Bazflyers RTW 2019 will be dedicated to:

  • All the men and women who have at some time or another touched their lives in a meaningful and positive way. Mentors, teachers, colleagues, staff and above all family and friends, without whom any prospect of flying around the world would not be possible or perhaps not even dreamed of.

“ We thank each and everyone of you and gratefully acknowledge success in our lives has not been achieved without the help of others.”

  • Round The World friendship and respect of difference.  In light of the recent tragic event in Christchurch we are going to be Flying Ambassadors of Friendship and look forward to meeting people of all walks of life, race and religion. We will take our New Zealand ethos of ‘Aroha’ with us.

He taonga rongonui te aroha ki te tangata’
Goodwill towards others is a precious treasure


Barry (72) and Sandra (68) have been married for 48 years giving them the opportunity to work things out. The communication and cooperation skills learned during this time allows them to operate their Comanche as a true flight crew, thereby adding an additional safety dimension to the aircraft operation. In aviation circles they are known as the Bazflyers. 

Bazflyer1  -  Barry began his aviation career in 1963 when he joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force. After graduating with an aircraft technical qualification he commenced pilot training in 1969, qualifying on both airplanes and helicopters. Barry’s civil aviation life has been exclusively in the field of general aviation. He is an experienced commercial pilot on helicopters and airplanes, is a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer and a life member of the ‘International Society of Air Safety Investigators’.  In a parallel career Barry has received recognition as a successful entrepreneur with diverse start up businesses to his credit.

Bazflyer2 - Sandra a qualified educator and dedicated Mother and family person gained her private pilots licence to celebrate her 60th birthday. Being an adventurer at heart she wants to inspire all those around her, family, friends and especially her contemporaries, to live life to the full.