“Safety is central to our flight around the world and will not be an afterthought during preparation, in the air, or while having fun….”

It is critically important every aspect of the flight is analysed and planned with attention to safety. At the same time flexibility and a sense of humour will be a necessity when navigating our way through unfamiliar countries.

2019 is the 50th anniversary of:

  • Barry’s first solo flight in an aircraft. Royal New Zealand Airforce, Harvard 1058 at Wigram Air Base on the 13th October 1969.

  • The first flight around the world by a New Zealander. Cliff Tait made the journey in a single engine Airtourer.  NB Cliff Tait’s flight did not qualify as an Earth-Rounder due to his aircraft being shipped from Japan to Vancouver.

  • EAA AIRVENTURE  Celebrates 50 consecutive years in OSHKOSH. It is one of the world’s greatest aviation celebrations.

At the end of 2018 only 233 qualifying flights around the world (RTW) in single engine airplanes of all types have been recorded.

  • No qualifying RTW flight has ever commenced and finished in NZ.

  • No New Zealander has officially recorded a qualifying RTW flight.

In recognition of the above milestones, 50th anniversary events and to qualify as the first New Zealand crew to fly RTW in a single engine airplane, Barry and Sandra Payne (The Bazflyers) will, over a period of approximately 6-months in 2019, fly their Piper Comanche PA24-250, ZK-BAZ, around the world.  

Departure from New Zealand is set for 1st May 2019 commencing from the Bazflyers home base at Taupo (NZAP).

The total journey is expected to involve approximately 200 hours of flying, including flying into EAA at Oshkosh and various other aviation events along the way.

The Bazflyer journey involves the following six sectors:

  1. Pacific Sector - New Zealand to Alaska.

  2. North America Sector - Various stops across USA and Canada.

  3. Oshkosh Sector - Aviation in the USA

  4. North Atlantic Sector - Arctic circle to the UK.

  5. Kangaroo Sector - Centenary of the first flight to Australia.

  6. Tasman Sector - Home to New Zealand.

Eddie Gould and Ahmed Hassan of General Aviation Support Egypt have expertly provided operations support for many RTW and long distance flyers. This expert team will be providing operations support for the Bazflyers, including flight planning, country approvals and ground handling. 

Communications are a vital part of the Bazflyers Round the World flight, for flight planning, flying in and out of foreign airports, keeping in contact with friends and family and providing a platform for sharing the RTW experience.

While modern technology caters for all technical requirements, personal and social media communications will be handled by Julie South. Julie can be contacted through the contact form